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Welcome to is a multipurpose private domain used to test developmental training products and to host dynamically-scripted local administrative support applications.

To access USCG online training courses from the USCG Intranet, please use the CG Portal > Training & Education tab > Learning Management System link.

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The Instructional Support Team (IST)

The IST is an experienced group of instructional designers and multimedia developers supporting TRACEN Petaluma's training needs. Together with instructors, the IST leverages current technologies to create innovative and appropriate classroom training and on-the-job performance support solutions. The IST's production processes exemplify effective use of modern video, mobile, and computer technology. Our commitment is to serve TRACEN to improve the efficiency of the Coast Guard. Contact us at

IST Purposes

The IST’s main purpose is to implement technology solutions to support TRACEN Petaluma’s training mission.

The IST’s second purpose is to help implement e-Learning structures for the entire Coast Guard.

The IST’s third purpose is to research new technologies and evaluate these technologies as Coast Guard standard tools and applications.